At Neurogames we are passionate about research and proof of effectiveness within educational gaming and games based learning. We aim to back all of our games with substainal bodies of evidence to put cautious parents at ease and show our games are indeed educational and effective.

Our first of many research projects has been completed, written up and presented at the prestigiousGames Based Learning Conference. The results have also been submitted, peer reviewed and are soon to be academically published in the International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments.

The level of improvement shown in the game using test group makes an incredibly strong case for the future of effective games based learning and we are truly excited about the implications this may have. Being at the forefront of this industry we plan to continue to make games that are scientifically proven to be effective and genuinley help children learn.

For a preview of our results and the theory behind our games take at look at the slides below, presented earlier this year.


 Games Based Learning Conference Presentation Slides