The Science Behind Memorise

Memorise is a simple fun game designed to tax and improve visual spatial working memory.

Working memory is the ability to hold information in mind in the short term and manipulate it.

Here are some of the scientific papers associated with working memory:

Increased Brain Activity in Frontal and Parietal Cortex Underlies the Development of Visuospatial Working Memory Capacity during Childhood

Development of a superior frontal–intraparietal network for visuo-spatial working memory

Working memory has been found to be an important predictor of academic development.  see paper by Alloway

There is lot of research evidence to suggest that working memory can be improved with practice. Research has shown that training working memory can:

Improve Fluid Intelligence (IQ) see Jaeggi et al 2008

Reduce some symptoms in ADHD see Klingberg et al 2005

Help improve academic achievement see Holmes and Gathercole 2009


Memorise is a fun way of trying to improve working memory. At present I have not undertaken research on this particular game, although this is planned. But Memorise is based on the science behind working memory. Memorise is available in iTunes.  Give it a try and download the report feature to see if it helps you. Feedback welcome.