Game guides for parents

Using Neurogames fun learning games with your child

How can these fun learning games help my child?

Each game been designed specifically to help and motivate children who find conventional learning difficult, including those affected by dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, autism, brain injury and learning disability.


  • Simple to use. The clear verbal instructions mean your child will be able to use all the fun learning games by themselves, developing independent learning skills and confidence.
  • Neurogames fun learning games for children follow a natural developmental sequence for effective learning.
  • Structured to appeal to children with short attention spans.
  • An error free approach. Errors are automatically corrected to encourage children who need more time to grasp each concept.
  • Lots of inbuilt rewards. Your child will always feel that they are making positive progress.

 Guide For Parents


Which educational games should we start with?

Dr Jonathan Reed has written the following basic guides to help you choose the correct games for your child’s learning stage:

Guide to fun reading games

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