Guide to fun reading games

Starting out with reading – phonemes
The first task for a child learning to read is to learn that letters and groups of letters can be associated with different sounds. If your child hasn’t understood this stage I would recommend starting with theLetter Lilies game.

In this game your child will learn all the letters and groups of letters - phonemes - that are required to learn English by hearing the sound and clicking on the corresponding letters.

>> Play the Letter Lilies phonics game demo.

Neuropsychology and reading


Building on basic skills – synthetic phonics
If your child already has a good understanding of phonics then the Word Patch game is recommended. This game is designed to build on the skills from Letter Lilies. It introduces the concept of blending different sounds (phonemes) together to make words – a technique known as synthetic phonics.

The game also teaches the 100 most frequently occurring words in English. These words make up about half of all written material in English. Knowing these words automatically makes reading any text easier and encourages reading fluency.


Dr Reed’s recommendations

  • Sit with your child at first to check that they understand what to do and to see their progress.
  • Ask your child to practice sounding the letters and groups of letters aloud.
  • Try to supplement the computer games by reading books together. This joint activity will ensure that reading becomes a pleasurable shared activity.